We’re Exciter and We’re Bringing to Market a
New Generation of Rigs for Environmentally Responsible Drilling

Exciter has redefined modern rig design to safely access reserves in populated areas while honoring the well-being of our planet and its people.

Our designs and services resolve the noise, aesthetics, traffic, lighting, ground disturbance, and air pollution concerns that prevent drilling in communities throughout our country.



Drilling, closed loop and cementing equipment are engineered into the system, reducing noise levels to 55 dBA & 60 dBC at 350’.


Unlike diesel engines, alternative power sources like utility grids and natural gas produce zero-to-low emissions and no smoke.


Built-in IR illumination and CCTV systems enhance worker safety while eliminating off-site light pollution.


Area footprint is minimized to 85’ x 200’ for a 63% reduction in ground disturbance.


Traffic is minimized with reduced and consolidated loads set on specific transport schedules.


Customized rig exteriors blend in with their environment, eliminating the need for unsightly 32’ containment walls.


Profitable oil and gas reserves are abundant in populated areas throughout the United States—but most of them remain idle.

Communities respond negatively to drilling due to the noise, traffic, high visibility, and air pollution associated with rigs.

And local governments usually react to these concerns by tightly regulating—or altogether banning—drilling outside of isolated areas.  


Watch the EXCITER urban rig unfold before your very eyes and see first-hand this impressive innovation.

Watch the EXCITER urban rig flyover video and see first-hand this impressive innovation.  



From Roughnecks to Team leaders:
The Exciter Leadership Team knows how to operate


If Tom Schledwitz, KL Tipps, Jim McCathron have one thing in common, it’s that they know the oil and gas industry from the bottom-up.

Each member of Exciter's leadership team has worked their way up from roughnecks and foremen to executive roles, and have a combined lifetime of experience in oil and gas.

As industry experts and innovators, they’re leading the call for drilling that is safer, cleaner, and less costly than what current methods allow.

And as leaders and visionaries, they’re putting people first.

Access potentially inaccessible oil and gas reserves with the new generation of drilling equipment and services. Exciter’s drilling rigs feature:

  • 750,000 lb working hook load triple, or 500,000 lb working hook load single

  • 1,500 hp drawworks

  • (2-3) 1,600 hp mud pumps

  • 7,500 psi mud system

  • 1.5 Megawatt energy storage

  • Closed loop solids control

  • Drilling software included

  • High torque top drive

  • X-Y walking system