People come first.

We focus on building a powerful team and keeping them engaged to drive profitable revenue without sacrificing values, ethics, or safety.

Our success comes from our core values that place people, relationships, and respect first.


Tom Schledwitz

Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Tom is a natural-born leader whose vision reaches as far as his expertise. Known in the oil and gas industry as a mentor and innovator, he has been at the forefront of advancing improvements in rig design, natural gas gensets, energy storage, engineering internship programs, and health and safety standards. Tom started his oil and gas career as a roughneck at Exeter Drilling Company. Over the course of twenty years, he would rise through the ranks to become Exeter’s President. Tom then took the helm as Senior VP of U.S. Operations for Ensign Energy Services, growing their national presence from two to 100 drill rigs and diversifying revenue streams through acquisitions and organic growth. Tom earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Colorado State University.

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KL Tipps

Founder and Senior VP of Engineering

KL is an entrepreneur and expert in oil and gas operations, beginning his career as a roughneck/engineer trainee for Exeter Drilling along with Tom and Jim. As President of Tipps Oil, an independent E&P company, KL owned and operated oil and gas wells in four states. He later ran production for Atsco, Inc., overseeing 100 oil and gas wells, service rigs, and trucking operations. As General Manager for Air Drilling Services (later Weatherford Underbalanced Drilling), KL redesigned the global equipment fleet while managing U.S., Mexico, and Papua New Guinea operations through four successful acquisitions. After a stint as Tesco Casing Drilling R&D Site Engineer, KL reunited with Tom and Jim at Ensign Energy Services. Over the course of 14 years at Ensign, KL served as U.S. Equipment Manager, U.S. Engineering Manager, U.S. Enterprise Management Development Lead, and Senior Drilling Manager with rigs in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas. KL earned his Bachelor of Arts in Geology from the University of Colorado. 

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Jim McCathron

Founder and Senior VP Sales & Marketing

As a former Special Forces Army Green Beret with decades of experience managing oil and gas operations, Jim is a veteran in every sense of the word. Working his way up from roughneck to Drilling Manager at Exeter, he departed after 22 years to join Ensign Energy Services, serving alternately as VP of Operations and VP of Sales & Marketing. At Ensign, Jim expanded the Rockies business unit operations from two to 50 drill rigs in eight states. His legacy at Ensign includes breaking ground in the California market, with Ensign counting for half of California’s drilling rigs—some in hyper-sensitive urban communities. Jim and Tom have worked together for over 30 years. A champion of putting people at the center of business, Jim is skilled at forging strong relationships with employees and industry colleagues. Jim earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics and Masters in Business from Boise State University. 

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Richard M. Bruce 


Richard has an extensive background in entrepreneurial pursuits and business development. Throughout his 25 year career, Richard has gained a reputation for establishing long lasting business relationships, developing and negotiating new business deals, and creating new business models and strategies.

Richard was an integral part of creating ENGI (Encana’s natural gas start up.) During his time with Encana Natural Gas Inc., he was tasked with transforming American commerce’s relationship with natural gas. Richard led the effort to secure a “first of its kind” LNG contract with AGL Resources. For the first time, LNG was sold into the transportation sector and used as a fuel for on-road and off-road engine applications. These innovations and transactions led to fueling and service contracts with Shell, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Noble Energy, and BNSF.  When Encana sold this portion of their business, Richard continued to be a leader in the industry.  He became the Vice President of Operations and Transportation over North America at the newly formed company, Stabilis.

At Willis Towers Watson, Richard Bruce was at the forefront of business risk analysis at the third largest Global Insurance Broker. Richard led the effort to build new relationships with the global fortune 2000 companies, specializing in the Oil, Gas, and Construction spaces.

Richard holds a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Colorado.